cloud based notes

What is iNotr? is a free cloud based organizational tool - finally, all your notes in one convenient place. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, iNotr has your notes everywhere you need to be.

  1. Create a free account in seconds.
  2. Start a note.
  3. Read and edit it anywhere you go, on any device!

Here are just some of the great free features of

  • A single place for all your notes.
  • Unlimited number of notes for free.
  • Our auto-save feature means that you'll never lose any info ever again.
  • Works with all operating systems.
  • Fully responsive design works perfectly on any display - destop computers, laptop or notebook computers, smart TVs, tablets, and phones of all shapes and sizes.
  • Notes and titles are fully encrypted to protect your privacy.
  • The entire site runs exclusively in SSL to ensure your privacy.